Haircuts for Boys

I love giving boys cool haircuts. Whether it's a fade or an undercut (long on top and short on the sides); whether it's a long haircut or a short haircut; whether it's for a baby, a toddler a boy or a tween; whether their hair is curly or straight. It's never a cookie cutter haircut and it's always cool.


Boy's Haircuts  $25

SPECIAL: One FREE boy's haircut for every $75 spent!

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Haircuts for Girls

Girls' hairstyles are always fun. Girls can have lots of ideas about their haircuts and I love hearing their requests. I love to finish each girl's haircut by offering to style her hair in a braid or a simple updo to make the experience really special.


Girl's Haircuts  $25

SPECIAL: One FREE girl's haircut for every $75 spent!

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